Central Heating

From your initial enquiry you will have contact with an experienced member of our heating team who has background knowledge relating to domestic heating and hot water systems.

Arrange for a representative to call at a convenient time to survey your property for the work discussed and then send you a FREE, NO OBLIGATION written estimate.

These services will help us to identify your needs and offer you a tailor made installation:

  • New full central heating and hot water system
  • A new condensing boiler
  • System update including new energy saving controls
  • New Radiators
  • New high performance quick recovery cylinder
  • Under Floor Heating
  • Solar Hot Water

All work is supervised by experienced personnel and all installations are carried out by our own Gas Safety Register Registered engineers, trained and qualified in Energy Efficiency and the New Condensing Boiler Building Regulations.

Our aim will and always has been to ensure customer satisfaction from the moment of contact to the completion of work.

All our plumbing, heating and gas work is carried out to the highest professional standards.

What is a High Efficiency Condensing Boiler?

The term "condensing" or high efficiency applies to the technology, which is used, so the boiler uses less fuel for more heat. By recovering and using heat the best high efficiency boilers can operate with seasonal efficiencies in excess of 90%. These boilers are given a SEDBUK rating of A.

In simple terms for every £1 of gas you put into a condensing boiler at least 90p is converted into heat for your system. Compare this with your old boilers efficiency, many have a SEDBUK rating of E, 70% and F, 75%, ONLY 70-75p of your £1 is converted into heat for your system but some have a rating as low G, 50%



Which type of Condensing boiler is best for me?

Combination, System or Conventional.

This will depend on your property and your needs. But with our professional advice your new boiler / installation will meet all your hot water and heating requirements.

Combination Boilers

This has all the benefits of an instantaneous gas water heater and conventional heating boiler, combined ( hence the name ) into one compact unit.

The main difference is that it does not store any hot water as it heats it directly from the incoming mains so no need for a hot water cylinder.

This boiler can be installed almost anywhere in the property, kitchen, garage or loft due to new fluing options. Other advantages are no stored water in the loft, therefore no risk of freezing pipes and the hot water is delivered at mains pressure therefore you can have a power shower without the need of a separate pump.

System Boilers

This is different to a combination boiler, firstly it has stored water held in either a low pressure hot water cylinder or an unvented hot water cylinder and secondly major components like the pump are built in. The system is pressurised, therefore no feed expansion tank required, resulting in the radiators heating up faster and with lower running costs it make this a very economical package. This type of system is installed when a greater volume of hot water is required and is more suitable for larger properties with two or more bathrooms.

Conventional Boilers

These boilers are not pressurised but just like the system boilers incorporate a hot water cylinder. The cylinder is fed from a cold water storage tank and there is a separate feed expansion tank for the heating circuit, both tanks are usually located in the loft space.

This is another system that can be used when a greater volume of hot water is required and is more suitable to larger properties with two or more bathrooms.

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Central Heating
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